How to Order? 

at the KT & Associates Special Discount of 28% Off

How to order your own pencil portrait is simple. We've made it possible for you to order directly online through our secure server at CCNOW. We take Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. You will receive a receipt mailed directly to your email address once you've placed your order along with your unique order number. Click the "Order Now" button below to receive this special priced rate provided by KT & Associates.

After you've ordered and paid online, simply mail to us a photograph that you would like a pencil portrait drawn from. Include a copy of your CCNOW email receipt along with your photograph for payment verification. We recommend sending us a close-up photograph either as a 5 x 7 or an 8 x 10. Studio portraits or school pictures work fine. Scanned portraits of these sizes can also be emailed to us in a digital file. 

As an alternative to paying online, you may also choose to simply include a money order or personal check along with your photograph and mail it to our address. Please remember to send us an accurate shipping address and include the appropriate shipping charges based on your location. 

Make all checks payable to: Ails Promotions & Marketing.
Write: KT & Associates - Pencil Portrait Offer in the memo field of your check.

mail photographs to:

Ails Promotions & Marketing
c/o Pencil Portraits by Kyle Hilton
P.O. Box 720250
Jackson, Mississippi 39272

email digital photographs to:

[email protected] 



Shipping Charges:
United States:  $3.00
Canada:  $7.00
Other: $10.00

That's 28% Off the retail price of $75.00