Excerpt from Kyle's April Edition - Ezine Newsletter

------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Today's Feature Article - written by Thomas A. Hilton, Jr. ------------------------------------------------------------ 

A brief History lesson and a Happy Birthday to one of the greatest artist of all time - Leonardo da Vinci. 

Born on April 15, 1452, Leonardo da Vinci was a self taught artist and teenager who caught the eye of one of Italy's most gifted and manifoldest artist, Andrea del Verrocchio. Verrocchio was so fascinated by the drawings of the young Leonardo that he gave him a place in his workshop which began the apprenticeship of young da Vinci at the age of 14-years-old. He later became the famous commissioned artist we all know today. Not to mention his wonderful accomplishments in the field of science.

Do you ever wonder if Leonardo da Vinci would still love to draw and paint if he were born in the 21st Century. With all the video games and internet broadband it's a wonder that kids today truly discover their true selves. But, even in today's many wonders -- when the true passion of art comes to a young child it springs forth the talents that no-one can deny. I know this because of the passion I see in Kyle. 

Born on June 16, 1986, Kyle Hilton became a self taught artist at the amazing young age of 5 years old. Within two short years, he would create a piece of art that can be seen today on the internet. At age 14 he introduces himself to the world of drawing pencil portraits and masters it as if it were learning to walk. Thanks to the age of the internet, Kyle became a commissioned artist selling his one-of-a-kind portraits to the world at the same age that Leonardo da Vinci began his apprenticeship. 

But that's not where the similarities end. I don't intend to make light of Leonardo's great accomplishments. I simply found it fascinating while researching a bit about his life. I was most impressed when I discovered many small similarities. I felt you would enjoy reading about them as well. 

If you were to look at some of Leonardo's portraits and look at Kyle's portraits you'll also see that they both bring out the inner beauty in their subjects. A close look at the comparisons between 3 pieces of their artwork will make you wonder. The beauty that Leonardo once painted can also be seen through the works of Kyle Hilton. Leonardo went on to become a household name. Perhaps in time, Kyle's name will also be remembered for his remarkable talent. 

It's been written that there were no works of Leonardo between 1466 and 1472 -- that's between the ages of 14 and 20. The first known and dated work of Leonardo is a pen-and-ink drawing dated Aug. 05, 1473. He later perfected portraits as he began to sketch and study the human body. If you would like to see the comparison between these two artist, visit http://www.kylehilton.com/comparison.htm and study close the similarities between these poses, expressions and detail in the portraits. It was simply exciting when I first put these portraits side by side. 

Tell me if you see the remarkable similarities -- if nothing else but how they chose the similar poses to begin their drawings. The very moment I saw these three portraits of Leonardo's, it brought to mind three that Kyle had already drawn and displayed on his website. I'm thankful that Kyle was taught at such an early age to sign and date his artwork as though he was an artist. Time will only tell. Do you have your original, signed portrait by Kyle Hilton. I hope you will very soon!


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