The Student Printz
I am one of two cartoonists for the Student Printz, the student newspaper of
the University of Southern Mississippi.  I started in the Fall of 2005, and am now
about to enter into my third semester with this position.  A biweekly publication, the paper
gives me a great opportunity to have published work and provides me with feedback, good
and bad.  As I stated above, I frequently use the short-haired Andrew character in these
cartoons as a typical lost and overwhelmed college student.  This job means a lot to me,
so most of my attention goes towards these cartoons.  I'm still merely practicing, as a lot
of the earlier stuff shows.  Also, these are geared towards the student body at USM, so they
may not make sense to non-students (actually, they may not make sense to students, either).

Fall 2005